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Wood Stairs Bay Area

Wooden stairs can add amazing looks to your house. Wood Stairs Bay Area provides quality wooden staircases to enhance your house’s aesthetics. We choose the finest materials for our wooden staircases because we want to ensure that our clients get the best out of their money. Stairs are a unique part of the house. It is not meant to have only one purpose; to go up and down, but it also gives additional beauty to the house, improving the elegance and overall aesthetics. We only choose the finest materials, and there are six commonly used materials; Pine, Hemlock, American White Oak,  Sapele, American Walnut, and Tulip. This is to ensure that the quality of our stairs is on top of the line.

Pine is the most common material for wood stairs as it is less expensive, and is easy to work with because it is softwood. Hemlock is similar to Pine; however, it has a few knots. American White Oak has a few knots, too, but it has a luxurious finish. Sapele is a dark wood material, so you may consider this type if you are looking for a darker theme. American Walnut is very popular for its dark appearance; it is not advisable to be used for straight flights because it is difficult to get longer lengths. And tulip is a hardwood with a few knots.

The Factors To Consider

Before deciding what to add to our house, we have to consider a few things. This is a similar case when choosing a wooden staircase. Below is the list of things that we need to take note of when selecting a wood staircase:

  • Space. We have to check whether your house has enough room for some specific designs of a wooden staircase. If you have enough space, an L shape or S shape can add elegance to your house.
  • The Budget. It is best to consider how much your budget is beforehand to have an idea of which material would give you more savings.
  • The Residents. We need to consider the people living in the house to determine the staircase style as well; if it needs a rail, or it should be steep.
  • Temperature. Wooden materials can be destroyed by extreme temperature.
  • Pests. Woods are prone to ants and termites. Extra maintenance is needed.

There are other factors to consider, but these three are the most crucial ones. You do not have to worry because Wood Stairs Bay Area will guide you and help you decide your new wood stair.

What Are The Advantages

Choosing the right staircase for your house may be a little tricky. Should you consider using ceramic or tiles? Or should you go for the wooden type? There are beneficial points to choose wood stairs:

  • Natural Beauty. Wooden staircases have the beauty that can improve the overall aesthetics of your house. Just remember to choose the right material and style so the design would not be ruined.
  • Inexpensive Repairs. In case it breaks, repairs are more affordable compared to other materials.
  • Comfort. It gives a warm feeling to your house and is more welcoming.
  •  Long-lasting. With our expertise, we can make the wooden staircase last for many years. 
  •  Focal Point. It gives stunning impressions to your friends and guests.

There are other advantages to think of, but these five things are the things that bring more benefits. With Wood Staircase Bay Area, there are a lot of beneficial things we could help you in achieving the best look for your house.

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Wooden staircases should not be beautiful alone; it should also have durability. Wood Stairs Bay Area ensures quality and appearance at the same time. Contact us now and get a free quote. Let us bring the best out of your house.

Wood Stairs Bay Area